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Thread: Beta Blockers and Riding

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    Yes, I just wanted to hear riders' experiences.

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    Quote Originally Posted by swall View Post
    Yes, I just wanted to hear riders' experiences.
    If the dose is right for you (i.e., you're not suffering from significant postural blood pressure changes) then if anything you will be a safer rider because you will be less inclined to overreact physically to panic situations As mentioned BB of a certain type are prescribed for performance anxiety and they work by dampening the physical 'fight or flight' response. BB's do not have direct sedating or calming effects, but as I say they blunt the sympathetic nervous system responses to panic, fear, excitement.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Stebe View Post
    This made me laugh. I'm a retired RN, BSN, worked mostly ER and ICU, and it's always amazed me that people will ask the nurse, ask the doctor, ask their family member who's a doctor or nurse, and then studiously follow the advice of their plumber/janitor/electrician/cashier etc. rather than the medical professional.

    To the OP, Swall, you'll know in a couple weeks. There's some good advice above. You MAY be able to exercise your way out of this. If that works, great! If you do get on the beta-blockers, remember that you can't just suddenly stop. This can cause rebound hypertension or elevated heart rate and serious complications. I'm on Metoprolol twice a day, Losartan and Dyazide in my early 60's. I walk a couple miles a day, and usually stay pretty active. I wish I could still run, but my doctor, the one that put in the titanium knee says no. I listen to him. Good luck.
    What is even more humorous is when folks ask the professional about an internet search.

    And don't even mention anything about Legal to my uncle; he is a retired corporate attorney. I also chuckle when I mention the adverts on t.v. from well meaning attorneys soliciting business for injury cases. HA
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    Beta blockers

    I'm a retired internal medicine doc. I've been taking metoprolol for decades to reduce extra heart beats ( ectopy ). I titrate the dose to keep my heart rate low. I've never experienced any problems with riding up to 600 miles a day. At 71, that's my limit. I've ridden in sweltering heat and yesterday in 20 degree weather and the drug doesn't bother me. BUT, it can blunt the body's natural "fight or flight" reaction to sudden emergencies by somewhat decreasing the effects of adrenaline when you need it. ( That is why it's often used for stage fright. ) Beta blockers can reduce stamina or your exertional capacity on higher doses, but it would rarely interfere with your daily activities. As mentioned in a previous post, I believe the FAA allows pilots to take beta blockers and fly. Legal disclaimer: I don't know anything about your situation, your health, other medical problems, other medications, etc. So, talk with the doctor who prescribed the drug if you experience any side effects or have questions. One warning: many physicians feel very negative about motorcycles based on what they have seen in their practice and ER's, so your doc may have a bias. My cardiologist keeps telling me riding isn't safe. He's right.
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    Quote Originally Posted by awagnon View Post
    My cardiologist keeps telling me riding isn't safe. He's right.
    My Mother-in-Law died as a direct result of her cardiologist deciding she needed a heart cath at the tender age of 88. This happened while she was hospitalized to work up a massive bruise on her leg after she tripped and fell during a daily walk, while on coumadin for her chronic afib, then subsequently had a cerebellar stroke after they stopped her anticoags so they could do the completely unnecessary, no criminal, heart cath. Quite frankly I feel way safer riding my RT then tangling w/ modern western medicine. In general life isn't particularly 'safe' either.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stooie View Post

    I, too, am 69. I've been on metoprolol (one of the most prescribed beta blockers) for about ten years. I suffer little to no side effects. It doesn't figure into my riding at all.

    Having said that, everybody is different and YMMV. My suggestion is pay attention to how you feel, particularly for the first month or so you're on the medication and act prudently....

    Me too. One of the side effects listed was confusion. I had a little bit of that when I first started this med. Not severe, but I had some episodes where I couldn't make up my mind on some items. Couldn't decide which set of keys to take even though each vehicle only has one set on the table. Couldn't decide which tv station to watch even though it was time for my favorite show.... Takeout the trash or mow the yard... stuff like that.

    Wasn't bad but it was noticeable. A slight adjustment on the dosage fixed that and all is well now.

    Just did an annual this last week and all is well. And that's the important part... your are getting a handle on you situation. Don't be afraid to mention the oddities to your Doc so the small adjustments can be made and hopefully you will live happily ever after! Errr.... RIDE happily ever after!

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