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    Thereís a very good chance that I just have not searched in the right place but I canít seem to find any info on rekeying older airhead pannier locks. All the info I can find is about newer models with the center groove in the key. Iíve removed the 6 cylinders and realize that I would need a giant selection of little lock gizmos which I do not have. Is this something a regular locksmith can do or does anyone know of someone who can do this for me. I bought the panniers with no key so if I have to have a key made I can do that but it would be better to not have to have two keys. (I have enough trouble finding one). Thanks for any help and I will apologize in advance as I am sure this is not a new subject.

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    Welcome to the forum! Could you show examples of the panniers you have? Brand, model, etc.?

    Here's a website that has a discussion about keys:

    I don't see anything there about rekeying, but maybe it's possible to get a blank key and then have a locksmith cut the key to match.
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    They are BMW cases, Iím pretty sure they are 1994 vintage. Iíll try and post a picture tomorrow

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    Ahah, I see the answer in the link provided by Kurt above and it is BMW basic, simplicity. Put the ignition key in and grind off the parts protruding above the cylinder. As is often in life I was trying to make a science project out of this.. Thank you, off to the next challenge!

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    You could pull out all the old tumblers and see which ones will match up with you key. You really don't need to use all the tumblers. If you find two or three that match up, just leave the rest out. I doubt many thieves are going to sit there and try pick you locks so it probably don't matter whether you have all the tumblers or just two.

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