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Thread: New Tire Question

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    Continental Tires

    Don't forget the Continental tires have a 3 year road hazard warranty.
    Bernie Echt
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    Quote Originally Posted by akbeemer View Post
    Where can I find that recommendation, please?
    Here's the link to BMW's European website with their OEM recommendations for the RT (see "Tyre Options" on upper left menu, then select RT)

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    Tires for RT

    Have a 2015 RT.
    Running Dunlop RS-3. I have rode in snow, heavy rain, temps single digits. So far very happy with these tires. Yes would buy again.
    I ran RS-3 on my ST1300 first. Have 9,000 miles on them. Look good for another 3 or 4 th's.
    When U first ride them NEW. Took 500 miles to run in. Honda. BMW was happy to go right away.
    I never had so many flats=PR4's.

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