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Thread: Navigator VI ac charger

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    Navigator VI ac charger

    For anyone looking for an AC charger for their BMW NAV VI GPS this is the one recommended by Garmin part # 010-11478-02 :
    To find the proper charger for other models call Garmin at : 1-800-721-1373

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    I Just Plug Mine into the Apple Plug

    Not sure why I would buy a special charger. I just plug my Garmin VI cable into the same USB wall plug I use to charge my iPhone and it charges just fine.
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    Same for me as I use the I-Phone cube to charge just about everything incl my bicycle lights and intercom battery when it is in the helmet. YMMV
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    Looks like the charger that came with my old Nuvi or Zumo 550.
    The USB provided with that charger does not fit the Navigator V or VI.
    I don't know what USB type the Nav IV has.

    Like the others mentioned I use my phone charger and the USB cable that came with my Nav V.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lee View Post
    Like the others mentioned I use my phone charger and the USB cable that came with my Nav V.
    +1 on what he said.

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