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Thread: 2013 R1200 GSA photo thread

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    2013 R1200 GSA photo thread


    I don't want to spam the "post a photo" thread so thought it better to just have my own and that way any conversations don't muck up the open forum thread either

    Doing a photo series of my bike before selling it, if I can muster up the courage to sell it that is... Maybe in a few months.

    First set is studio, next ones will be various locations. If someone thinks a particular angle is dorky, please contribute ideas. When we are too close to a subject, sometimes it's hard to "see" it On the other hand, we often do not understand a subject until we are closer to it

    Anyway, the goal is cool photos but also solidly representative and compelling.
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    This is nearly the last studio shot so I thought I’d add some gear to just soften things up a bit.


    I also had a helper
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    Nice work. I really like the lighting.
    '13 R1200RT 90th Anniversary Edition

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    Quote Originally Posted by pappy35 View Post
    Nice work. I really like the lighting.

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