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Thread: ABS Brake Bleed Procedure

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    ABS Brake Bleed Procedure

    Very new member to the BMW community, the MOA and to forums in general.

    Looking for a link to a detailed procedure for bleeding the brakes and ABS system on my 2013 K1600GT.

    I have no idea if the previous owner may have had this done in the past, and since I like wrenching I would like to add this to my spring service.

    Thank you for any assistance.


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    That should becovered in the factory repair dvd:

    Well worth the money,
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    Welcome to the forum, Bob!
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    Bleed or flush your brakes? I use a vacuum bleeder to flush my brakes. Suck the fluid out of the reservoirs. Push the brake pads back in. Suck the fluid out of the reservoir, put new fluid in suck the new fluid out down on the calipers from the bleeders. Top off fluid. Never had and issues since 2012.

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