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Thread: Boot - toe section sensitivity to shift lever

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    Boot - toe section sensitivity to shift lever

    I have Revit waterproof boots purchased some 8 years ago. Problem: boot toe section rubber is too thick to adequately feel the gear selector. As a result, I will sometimes shift before the clutch is engaged. So I have been wearing a pair of work boots that allows me to "feel/sense" the shifter.

    Few stores have a wide range of boots to adequately test out. Therefore, one is left to assessing which ones might be appropriate when choosing on-line, such as Cycle Gear on the West coast. They are willing to have models shipped, but they may not appropriate & then try again.

    Any comments on boot brands/models with waterproof/semi-waterproof ability that have toe portion sensitivity?? Thanks very much.

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    Had the same experience two winters back. Big boot sale, wintertime, needed to buy newer slicker, safer, waterproof etc. boots. Found a nice set, two hunnerd bucks. First ride in spring couldn't feel the shifter like before. Especially finding that slight detent to neural. Never thought about the feel of the boot. So, just ride my old leather O'Neals. The new boots, however, look cool hanging on the wall. Best laid plans oft go astray.

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