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Thread: [USA] SC to SoCal Solo Ride - Feb 2019

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    [USA] SC to SoCal Solo Ride - Feb 2019

    Hello everyone,

    I have had the good fortune of being introduced to someone terrific at MOA and recently became a member.

    So I decided to start the year with a bang.
    In a couple of weeks, I'll be taking delivery of a brand new S1000R to ride it from South Carolina to Orange County, CA.
    It will be my 4th time crossing our land but the first time and the longest/ farthest I have gone on 2 wheels.

    Here is my prep list and somewhat shaped up itinerary (still evolving).
    Reading through it will prob. make some roll their eyes or guffaw.
    Apologies if it's naive. I am trying to plan and rectify perceptions.

    And so I would appreciate any word of advice, caution and otherwise suggestions.
    Looking forward to soaking up the collective wisdom on these amazing forums.
    Spent the day reading through the various sections of the board and I can't wait to be able to contribute and share my experience and findings on the road.

    Thank you!

    The sanity check thread is here.

    - Small toiletry essentials bag
    - 4 waters
    - Energy bars and chews for 3 meals
    - Iridium 9555 Sat phone
    - Two cellphones with service from 2 different carriers
    - Small first aid kit with Israeli Bandage
    - Anker 26,800mAh PD Power bank
    - DJI Spark drone
    - Tire repair kit
    - Basic tools (OEM basic kit under the seat)
    - A few pairs of nitrile gloves
    - MSR 30oz Motorcycle fuel bottle
    - Small baby wipes pouch
    - Anker 10-port USB charging hub
    - Min 10,000 lumens LED headlamp
    - BMW Motorrad disc lock with alarm (77252414845)
    - Sandals
    - Motorcycle outdoor inconspicuous cover
    - One complete change of clothes
    - Überleben Ferro Rod fire starter
    - BMW Motorrad Dual USB charger with cable (77522414855)

    All of this contained in
    - Kriega US 30L Drypack

    - Expected temp range: 30-80°F
    - Rain, perhaps snow and/ or ice

    - Full gear at all times
    - Fill up when gas tank is down to 1/3
    - Frequent stops (bike range is only 120-140 miles anyway)
    - Parked by sunset, full night of rest, set-off at 5:30 AM every day
    - Front and back dash cams on the bike


    AGV Corsa R Matte Black

    Dainese Cyclone D-Air Jacket

    matching Cyclone Pants

    or choice #2: Dainese Carve Master 2 Gore-Tex (better design and warmer, no D-Air)

    matching Carve Master 2 Gore-Tex pants

    Dainese X-Travel Gor-Tex Gloves

    Dainese Torque D1 out Gore-Tex boots

    Dainese D-Core Balaclava

    Dainese D-Core Thermo Tee LS

    Dainese D-Core Thermo Pant LL

    Dainese D-Mantle Fleece WS

    Alternatively: electrically heated Gerbing Jacket or vest or Tourmaster jacket or vest

    Dainese D-Core Mid Sock (2 pairs)

    SENA 30K Bluetooth coms

    GoPro Hero7 (4 of these)

    Various RAM Mounts + short arms + phone and GoPro mounts

    NoNoise Motorsports earplugs + NoNoise Ear Clean & Care Set

    I got mine from Twisted Throttle


    1st week of Feb.
    Flexible on dates and duration.


    About 3,400 miles

    Departure: Spartanburg, South Carolina

    BMW Plant (7 million square feet!) Guided Tour, Spartanburg, SC

    Wunderlich America Hendersonville, NC 28792

    Michelin USA HQ visit, Greenville, SC

    BMW Car Club of America HQ visit, Greenville, SC

    BMW Motorcycles dealership within 600-1,000 miles for the break-in service

    … (other stops to be inserted here)

    Motovation Austin, TX

    Three Sisters route, aka Twisted Sisters

    Big Bend National and Regional Parks, TX

    Valley of Fires, NM

    Monument Valley, AZ

    Valley of Fire State Park, NV

    Death Valley, CA

    Alta Wind Energy Center, Mojave Desert, 2d biggest wind farm in CA

    Arrival: SoCal


    Social Media, Reddit, Forums and Moto specialized press
    Photos, videos and live streaming on YouTube

    Instagram: @S1000Rpost

    I read all comments.
    Thank you for your support!
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    Are you blasting Interstate mostly? That time of year does present possible challenges in places. Did it once early going to CA from TX and was both lucky and a few lessons learned.

    Twice we have been caught in zero visibility conditions mid February in West TX from fog. Some folks must have radar as they are still trying to drive 80mph and will run up on you in a nano second as well as you finding the back end of an eighteen wheeler...not ideal! Anywhere along the Gulf Coast presents this issue as well on I-10.Grew up near Houston and fog happens!

    Maps or a GPS?

    Ice...there is no workaround on two wheels for me. Fluffy light snow quickly passing one thing , wet thick and coming down another. A lot of folks get trapped for a day or two that time of year getting caught in a front. I have timed them on occasion to be in between...but things happen. I now wait a few months, mostly because I do not use I-roads unless absolutely necessary. Playing with trucks all day long is not my idea of a fun ride these days...and I am not time constrained to need to.

    Assuming hoteling as well, except seeing a firestarter?

    Looked at your that a backpack? The link was confusing to navigate. I prefer to have any extra load strapped on the space behind me...but the younger crowd seems fine on local rides and commuting with a pack. I just think riding that far with a pack could cause handling and comfort issues I would not care for.

    Two phones...if that works for you, yes, some areas have limited service and a few no service.On a new bike I wouldn't be as concerned...but that's me. A Sat phone? Over thinking for me.

    Tire kit, compressor(be familiar with how to use it before you need it!) jump pack, toolroll, heated gear, raingear, First aid kit,phone, on bike charger, GPS/maps,and a credit card and I'm good for a bonzai run.
    Fuel every opportunity, especially in western states with higher limits and town spacing as your fuel economy will be lower .The fuel bottle is good, but where you going to carry it? There are some stretches of country where a 130 mile range is scary. The bottle will not get you far if you calculate wrong!
    Steve Henson-Mod Team and past prez SABMWRA

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    Thank you @henzilla,

    I was hoping for this kind of advice.

    GPS navi (and I will prob also pack a paper map/ compass, they are so small...)

    Will travel on the interstates where is nothing to see/ have no plans to stop. Off of them otherwise.
    If you see any other stops/ places along the road worth checking out, let me know, I have time and I'd be happy to explore.
    In low visibility situations, I'd do my best to just get off the road, if it means spending a day hanging out/ resting. Not worth the risk for me for concrete situations such as the ones you described.

    Hotels mostly but I would like to sleep under the stars (on my list of things I have never done but want to try) when/ if possible.
    I figured I'd pack a fire starter and perhaps pack a tent/ bag (don't have one yet, still looking).

    It's so funny, the phones drew another reaction on another forum. I don't know why it sticks out so much on the list.
    The regular phones, well, I already carry two, so I am just taking with me. No service is some areas is right.
    Not that I need to be on the phone nonstop/ chatting but location sharing with my family is important.
    The SAT phone if for emergencies/ situations where there is no signal (that's the whole reason for carrying one).

    Spot on for the fuel range.
    I have also been looking at the 2 gallon
    They have a huge pre-sale disclaimer about it not being compliant for regular road.
    And where would I carry it indeed?
    The MSR bottle is small enough (should give me another 30-40 miles) to just stick it in the bag with the rest of my stuff?

    Here is the link to the bag I'll be affixing to the rear seat, not sure what happened to the OP:
    This is what my bike will look like exactly.

    What do you think?

    How was your back/ body once your riding went into 2-3 days of touring?
    Will you be riding in a few months again? Perhaps to MotoGP or the MOA Mississippi Rally?
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    I don't know what tire the S1000R has, but it's probably a soft sport tire.
    Keep a close eye on the back tire wear as it may not make it 3,400 miles.
    2016 R1200RS
    MOA # 30878
    Past BMW Bikes: 2011 K1300S, 2003 K1200RS, 1991 K75S, 1987 K75T, 1984 R100RT

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    Will do. Thank you. And if they last throughout, I'll be due for a new set when I get home anyway I would also think.

    BMW put Bridgestone Battlax Hypersport S20 on this bike.
    Will put on a set of Michelins when swapping them out.
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    I wouldn't turn a second phone or a SAT unit down in certain places, just haven't had the need...yet
    Probably put a hex on myself now.

    That tail pack combo is nice and should work well...they are never big enough though, makes you pack tidier! Adding a tent trips and bag starts bulking things quickly..and there's that February thing again.
    Spot on the gettin' off the road if visibility drops plan, sometimes you just hit it when nowhere near a shelter.

    We ride a lot so used to saddle time and knowing when to call it a day. Conditioning helps if you can build up saddle time. I ride a GSA on most long trips but have taken a K12 and R12S's on multi state runs. Just not as much wind and weather protection, but still a great ride unless you hit both! Not having saddle time on that bike will either work and have no buffeting at speed...or you will want to address it ASAP. Sometimes it's helmet screen combo as everyone is different and some combos will cause some serious buffeting. Hope you have a sweet spot and no issues. Such minimal places to hide on a S1000R.
    Two to three days are not usually an issue...sometimes its the weeks long grind...or too long on the Interstate anytime It stresses my mood and energy. Some folks can drone along and we have had to use them at times, so not a total hater.

    I use a tube for the MSR bottle and it is outside the side case or tail pack. If you use it, inevitably it will smell up whatever it's sitting with.

    One more thing for your tool kit is chain lube and tools to loosen axle and tighten adjusters. A new chain may need more attention at first. I fall into the every day check and lube group if traveling.
    Steve Henson-Mod Team and past prez SABMWRA

    Be decisive, right or wrong.The road of life is paved with
    flat squirrels who couldn't make a decision~unknown

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    Yes! That's on my list of things I was planning on discussing with the Master Tech when taking delivery.
    BMW Motorrad even offers a set of HP chain tensioners (part 77 25 8 560 292, the tool is included).

    Will swap the small OEM windscreen (part 46 63 8 534 176) for a Wunderlich Touring screen when I drop by their office in NC to say hello (right after I take delivery).
    My understanding is that the screen needs no supporting arms (unlike their Marathon screen) and takes the wind from the chest... to the helmet (picked the AGV Corsa R). I will see how it feel.
    Aiming for 200-300 miles/ day with several stops as I need/ please. Full night of rest every day...

    Would love to organize a huge MOA meet in Monument Valley for a photoshoot. That would be fun!

    Someone advised that I carry zip ties of several sizes also. I was going to do that and ziplock freezer bags also in several sizes. The MSR bottle will go in one of them. I am disappointed to read that it would smell. Is it not completely tight? I have never used one.
    I love the smell of gasoline though. It reminds of me all sorts of motorsports activity and happy childhood summer times with the family.
    If I get tired of it, I'll use 3-4 ziplock bags for it.

    What do you mean by you have to use some folks at times (the ones who can drone for a long distances)?
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    The MSR bottles are tight, it just in the process of dealing with opening and pouring, gas gets on the outside and lingers. If you don't use it, no problem.
    Zip loc bags are no match for fumes, but it's fun trying.

    Mile blasting on Interstates was the droning along I referenced. Some folks love it, some have to use them if time is an issue or there are no decent alternatives. I have had to blast back on I-10 from CA to Central TX twice for family emergencies, just not my idea of enjoying a ride. The combo of heavy truck presence and the need to be home in less than two days zaps enjoyment.

    You picking the helmet up new as well? Another hit or miss if it's too tight at first. We will use a new helmet on a lot of day rides before committing it to a long trip. You may hit that OK as well. I rarely have and have bought a helmet at a rally before and cussing myself the next few days.

    The touring screen should be a plus It may be your best February.
    Steve Henson-Mod Team and past prez SABMWRA

    Be decisive, right or wrong.The road of life is paved with
    flat squirrels who couldn't make a decision~unknown

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    Packages started arriving.

    This is the Kriega US-30 Drypack - here is the link to find a retailer in the USA.

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    Looks to me like a well planned ride on a great route! What I've found to be extremely useful and would consider adding would be a tank bag.
    '20 R1250RT,
    Priors: '17 R1200GS, '16 R1200R, '14 R1200GS, '13 K1600GT, '08 R1200RT, '04 R1150RT, '05 R1200GS, '73 R75/5 (LWB).

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    Looks like a good route. One suggestion -- from Atlanta, go west on I-20 to Birmingham. Stop/See Barber's Vintage Motorsports Museum ( It's just off I-20 @ Exit 140, Leeds, AL exit just east of Birmingham and I-459. From Barber's, take I-20 on west to I-459, then follow I-459 So to I-65 So to join your original route in Montgomery, or continue on I-459 am) to I-20/I-59South to Meridian, MS. From Meridian, I-59 So to New Orleans. If you choose to visit Barber's, make sure you allow enough time.

    Enjoy the trip
    J Goertz
    2015 BMW R1200RT
    2012 Triumph Bonneville SE

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    @sailorlite Thank you! Yes, it should fun. I considered and decided against a gas tank bag. I would have put a DSLR and telephoto lens in there. Maybe next time. Taking delivery of the bike today!!! Will put up photos.

    @jgoertz I appreciate the suggestions, thank you. Another person just suggested Highway 10 in Mobile, AL... which has a 3,000 ft tunnel!
    Throttle + exhaust + echo... *grins*

    Speaking of which, another package arrived.
    The bulk of the remaining things are being delivered today, right on time as I take delivery of the bike too!

    The NoNoise Motorsport earplugs are amazing.
    They still let you hear everything around you while reducing fatigue and potential harm over the long term.
    Also got the cleaning it for the journey. Both from TwistedThrottle.
    These are the earplugs and this is the cleaning kit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MotoPost View Post
    @jgoertz I appreciate the suggestions, thank you. Another person just suggested Highway 10 in Mobile, AL... which has a 3,000 ft tunnel!
    Throttle + exhaust + echo... *grins*
    Easy to work this into my suggestions. After visiting Barber's, take I-20 west to I-459 south to I-65 south to I-10 west.

    Enjoy the trip!
    J Goertz
    2015 BMW R1200RT
    2012 Triumph Bonneville SE

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