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Thread: Going to the XR from the RT

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    Quote Originally Posted by drneo66 View Post
    I'm betting it's pretty hard to find a motorcycle chain for non-competition uses that doesn't have an O,X,etc. these days as that seems to be the dominating technology.
    I guess so too. Haven't had a chain'd bike in 30 years...
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    I was in the market for an RT after doing extensive research and ready to buy especially after reading all the accolades about the new 1250 engine and such but as fate had it they also had a low suspension XR at the dealer and they offered me to try both (I'm 5'9" so that always deterred me from the GS or XR before since the standard of these are too tall for me). Well I had previously tested the R1200GS and was excited to see the difference of the R1250RT but was somewhat disappointed since I could really not tell the difference. Halfway through my ride my salesperson(who was riding the XR) switched with me and OMG that was it. The difference in ride and acceleration, excitement, maneuverability, even the sound ... was just so much better and that sold me. Most non-S1000 owners who own the boxer engines will tout that the S1000's are too powerful and will get you in trouble but I chose to let that be my decision not a governor on the bike or a limitation of a weaker engine. We wouldn't want our cars to be limited to 70mph to keep us from getting a ticket would we? Anyway the fun is getting from 0-60 fast which should not be a problem with the law. Anyway you can always put your bike in "Rain" mode if you wish to simulate the R engine.

    As for the chain maintenance, the bike comes with a center stand and spraying 10 seconds every 500 miles is all I do with a once a year kerosene brush cleaning while I change the oil is all the maintenance I do. You should get 25,000 miles or more on the chain which can cost you a $200 or so I would guess. I change my own chain which costs under $100. Some may say to change the sprockets too but I didn't and my Kawasaki is over 35k with old sprockets that still look good (no visible shark teeth on the sprockets).

    Good luck with your S1000XR!

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    I think the XR is one of the most interesting new bikes to have come along in decades. There's quite a good write up on it by Mike Green in this month's MOA News.

    IIRC correctly, there are several seat height options, so you must have lucked on the one that works for you.
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    I had a 2018 RT, and 2019 XR in the garage together for a year.

    Sold my RT last week.

    VERY surprised to not see any reference in this thread to Dupont Chain Saver - Teflon based chain lube... you couldn't pay me to not use it.
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    Obviously the RT and XR are very different bikes, built for very different purposes.

    For my purposes, I use my XR for 1-up/solo out of town riding with my buddies (think cherohala skyway. Blue Ridge parkway, foothills parkway). My recently acquired used RT is for touring/sport-touring with my wife - it's just perfect for that. Enough power to not be boring and great handling for a larger bike and all the creature comforts imaginable.

    Now for you guys that love the XR, and I agree it is a great bike, you should really try an older (2014-2017) yamaha FZ/MT-09. It really is a junior XR in my opinion. I use my 2015 09 for around town riding. No bike I have ever ridden puts a bigger smile on my face every time I throw a leg over. No way it keeps up with the XR on open roads (or maybe anywhere), but damn is it fun. At 414 lbs and lots of hp and torque and ZERO electronic gizmos (mine is before abs/TC/etc) it is an absolute hoot. And don't bring cost into the could buy a small fleet of 09s for the price of an XR and a real fleet of them for the price of an RT.

    This is to say, that I really don't think there is a perfect bike out there. However I do think there are perfect bikes for certain uses/needs....In the end, they are all fun and whatever floats your boat on a given day is the one to go with. Just keep getting out there as we riders are a dying breed....

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    There is now a game changer with BMW motorcycles with chains. BMW just announced a maintenance free chain to revolutionize chain driven motorcycles.

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