Good Day All,

I was thinking of picking up a s1000xr and have a couple of choices, I was wondering if anyone might have some input on the different years. My choices would be,

2016 with 1,000 miles (it does have the retrofit for the bar vibration)
2018 new

The gross price difference is about $4700 but I'll be financing, and it would be 0% on the 2018, so the net difference is more like $3k.

So I'm wondering what I should consider when deciding if it's worth the extra $3k to go 2018. I know I'd be getting 2 years of the warranty vs 0, (the 2016 runs out in March). I'd like to have the warranty, but have trouble gauging it's value given my 2003 R1150GS just had it's first breakdown at 98k.

I don't think there are any significant changes to the bike otherwise---but that's also why I'm asking here.

Any input would be greatly appreciated.