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    more horn

    Everyday, somebody is trying to cut me out of my lane. I'm looking for a louder ,much louder, horn for my 01 GS. A bolt on replacement would be nice, but any help or suggestions are appreciated.

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    I put on a Freeway Blaster from Aerostich/RiderWarehouse on my wife's F650. That thing is d^% F%&(ing LOUD.

    Took a few minutes to figure out where to mount but was pretty painless.

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    More Horn

    If you have one of the Advance autoparts stores (or comperable) around, check out the Fiamm horns. Generally a pretty good selection (ran 'em for years on my old airheads) and reasonable. I bought the 3" dia. model @ 130 db for my GS - it was $12 + tax (or buy two for that price). Repositioned the stock horn to face forward, mounted the new horn where the old one was, cut into the horn wires, and adjusted the new horn mtg. bracket for extra clearance. Works great, loud, and reasonable.

    That should help you out in traffic.:cool:
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    if you go the FIAMM route you may need a relay for the dual horns- good how-to article on bike electrics in the new BMWON that includes relay info.

    I put a $12 133 db "horn" (rather than disc) on mine from Autozone, only a little louder but deeper and more easily heard. May still go to the dual-disc relay route in the long run...
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    I went with two FIAMM snailshell 133db horns, one low tone, one high tone. Wired in series off one relay. Painted the brassy backs black to blend them into the shadows under the tank a bit better.

    Leaned on them last night at a blind driver pulling out of a 'Yield for other cars only' lane... he jerked the wheel so hard when I honked that I thought he would end up on the divider!

    Very effective!

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