I was going to size my rings yesterday and then assemble the top end
I finally have everything cleaned, honed, and ready or so I thought

the bike is a 1971 R75/5
pretty clean internally as it sat for 20+ years
I've measured out the cylinders and everything has low wear on it and measured out with in specifications

I bought standard "0" rings for it and yesterday when setting my gaps and prepping for assembly, I realized I would need different rings

I believe on my model year the rings gaps are supposed to be:

top .30 - .45mm
seconds .30 - .45mm
oil .20 - .35mm

so my gaps with these brand new standard size rings are all out of spec.
I'm in the approximate range of .55 - .60 (each of the rings measures slightly different)

My question for the group is?

I see that there is a first over and 2nd over ring set sold by the dealers
how much (in mm) larger is a first size larger ring set... will it cover the approximate .20 - .30mm gap I need... to be within specification, or should I find/buy the 2nd over ring size?

thanks a ton in advance