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Thread: 2005 K1200S Clutch fluid

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    2005 K1200S Clutch fluid

    I was planning on flushing out the clutch fluid . What is the " Mineral Oil " that they speak of ? Can I just use DOT 4 brake fluid ? What happens if I do ?

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    Past thread that discusses what "mineral oil" is:
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    Quote Originally Posted by bige1340 View Post
    Can I just use DOT 4 brake fluid ? What happens if I do ?
    2.Bad things

    Mineral oil doesn't absorb moisture which is a plus. Its used because it doesn't have to deal with the heat generated in a braking system. Its also favoured by more than one European bike manufacturer. I don't believe the seals in our clutch hydraulic system are compatible with DOT 4.

    Mineral oil is available from your favourite BMW or KTM store.

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    ditto on the NO DOT 4.

    BMW has two different part numbers for the mineral oil as well. There is a red and a blue. Thinking out loud, the blue was in the parts fiche on the Wedgies. I have both and if any work is done on the circuit,like replacing a broken line, just match what I find. It rarely needs a flush and do not think it is in any maintenance schedule.

    Magura, who makes brake and hydraulic systems sells a red as well at most bicycle shops. Just a FYI...Baby Oil is mineral oil as well...but I would only use it if I was stuck somewhere with a rare leak and the drug store was the only place in my line of vision
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    Available on Amazon

    Motorex KTM Mineral Oil Clutch Fluid 75 - 100ml. 575-010
    by Motorex

    Help a guy out when he has a financial set back. Jeff B. could use a little consideration.

    Pretty darn pricey.
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    Dot 4 and Mineral are totally incompatible. The wrong one used will absolutely destroy seals and other rubber parts in the system. When DOT 4 is specified the parts are compatible. When Mineral oil is specified the parts are compatible. The use of the other fluid will destroy the system and cost you a thousand or more to fix.
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