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Thread: Snowflake Rim Repair

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    Snowflake Rim Repair

    Hi again everyone-

    Latest question regarding the rebuild of my newly acquired 81 R65..

    Upon closer examination, it appears previous owner managed to hit a curb or something hard enough to cause what appears to be a flat spot on one side of the front rim, up on the top near the tire bead. I recall a similar issue with my 79 R100RS, and the BMW shop I used at that time sent it somewhere for repairs.

    I am not overly comfortable with the thought of repairing a rim with a bit of a flat spot, but do remember that it worked fine with the RS. Is this a fairly common issue with these rims?? The tire holds air, but is visibly flatter for about a two inch section.

    I would appreciate any feedback on this issue and perhaps recommendations for the repair work to be completed.



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    Tom -

    Probably best to get things taken care of...those rims are all that's keeping you from hitting the ground. My signature line has a section on wheels and rims, but Buchannon's and Woody's Wheel Works are places that come to mind. Maybe talk to them and see what they have to say.
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    I had a set of badly damaged Snowflakes repaired by our local wheel shop with no issues. Suggest you have your BMW tech check that the wheel is compliant to BMW spec after it comes back from the wheel shop.

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    I would advise against straightening a cast rim. It is also contrary to BMW's recommendations to straighten any safety critical parts. A cast rim that has been bent will probably develop microcracks during the straightening process. These cracks can later grow in service with a bad results.

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    You should contact "woodyswheelworks" and see what they say.

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    Four years ago I had a bent front wheel from hitting a curb at speed. I made a appointment with Woodys. I rode my K-75 RT in there and took off my front wheel. 2 hrs later I had a straitened wheel, new tire and bearings for a very reasonable cost.
    Good service from those guys!

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