2012 R1200GS, 22K miles.

About two weeks ago I noticed that the INFO button was not working. Press it all I want, nothing happens. First thought, get in there and see if there's some issue I can fix. I'm fairly handy with wrenching and electrical stuff.

Then after sleeping on it, I remembered that around the same time, I also got some TPM warnings that went away quickly, one for the front wheel and the other for the rear wheel. One warning was present on starting after up after parking for a few minutes, the other came mid-ride while the tires were good and warm. Since TPM readings are one of the things that the INFO button toggles through, it seems suspicious. That said, with the button not working, the display is showing the clock and not the TPM. Tire pressure checks good.

My gut says that these issues are unrelated and that for the INFO button I have about a 25% chance of being able to fix it without buying an expensive switch-assembly, and that for the TPM thing I probably just need new batteries in the sensors (and lots of tread-life left so no other need to pull the rubber off anytime soon).

Any thoughts or BTDT tales?