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Thread: 2011 R1200GS Steering Lock - Impossible to operate

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    2011 R1200GS Steering Lock - Impossible to operate

    I have a 2011 GS and have found it almost impossible to operate the steering lock. The key refuses to operate the pin. I have looked for diagrams online of the lock, but have not found a clear way to lube or check the alignment on the latch. Has anyone else had this issue?

    I have used the lock in the past with no difficulty. This has come up suddenly.


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    As no one had any advice on this, I thought I would put the solution I found for the 306 viewers of the post.

    I found a way to view the locking pin as I turned the key to the "lock" position. I could see the pin move about a 32nd of an inch when I operated the key. Still it would not lock when aligned with the cutout in the steering pivot post.
    I was able to get a drop of WD40 around the pin. This must have wicked into the pin housing. After a few attempts to operated the key lock, it came free. A few more drops of WD40 and it works every time now.

    I believe the true cause of the issue was my recent travel thru some snow showers. The salt / brine put down on the roadways left a film on parts of the bike, even though it was transported in the back of an open pickup truck. A wash as soon as we were clear of the inclement weather did not get into the area of the lock. This crud was dissolved with the WD40.

    Three things to always have on hand: Vise Grip, Duct Tape, and WD40.


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    Nice follow up
    WD-40 is a good solvent/cleaner. Now that itís working, perhaps some Tri-Flow actual lube.
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