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Thread: 4-Valve valve adjustment

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    Job complete!
    Today I put in the new buckets to set the valve gaps, and buttoned the whole thing up. Problems I was concerned with turned out to be non-issues. The chain never slipped off the crank sprocket, and the one cam sprocket that I did remove (intake) was easy to get back on the shaft.
    I never really felt like had moved the cam chain tensioner, which is required in order to get enough slack in the chain in order to get the sprockets off. But apparently either I did, or since the bike had been sitting a month prior to the job, the oil had drained from the tensioner and it retracted itself.
    As mentioned previously I went with a new valve cover gasket. FWIW, the new one measured 0.020" thicker than the old one, which had been compressed in there for 16 years. I didn't use new rubber spacers on the valve cover bolts because 1) I didn't remember to buy them when at the dealer, and 2) after spending $250 on this job, I cheaped out. I'll watch for leaks.

    Of course now I have mastered this new skill, but it's on a bike that may never get its valves adjusted again. So if anyone's riding their K thru Western Mass and feels the need for a valve adjustment.....

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    Congrats, and enjoy the ride!

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