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Thread: Connecting iphone (Amazon) music with BMW speakers

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    Connecting iphone (Amazon) music with BMW speakers

    I have a '17 R1200 RTW. I would like to play my Amazon music through the console speakers. Can I do this with a bluetooth transmitter or receiver connected to my iphone 6 and connect to the bike's bluetooth? Due to a hearing problem, I have to wear regular earplugs when riding so can't go the earbuds route. Thanks in advance.

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    Have you tried molded earbuds? The kind that are both hearing protection and have speakers inside? I LOVE mine. I actually play the volume quite low they seal so well.
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    You should be able to stream your Amazon Music by connecting your iPhone to the aux connector in the right-side glove compartment. However, you may need to get a Lightning-USB adaptor.

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