I don't know why the Colorado BMW two wheelers like their Day-glo Yellow Riding gear so much, but its a rare Beemer rider here that I've seen that's not wearing it. I know some riders won't get on their bike without their high-vis vest, so it could just be a lot of that here.

I was curious what other two-wheelers observations are about commuting in traffic. Over 10 years ago, I rode an all red Honda VFR. It was Honda Red, very shiny, very bright. I was on a budget, so I started out wearing a brown leather bomber style jacket. Parts of my commute involved thick traffic on four lane roads. I routinely had a car (usually a full size SUV) attempt to merge into my place in bumper to bumper traffic. I got a new jacket that resembled a racer style jacket, lots of logos, bright stripes, lots of contrasting colors. I called it the "Racer Wanna-be" jacket. All of the incidents of people trying to merge into my spot stopped after I started wearing it. My theory is that the drivers around me saw my outfit and snickered, "look another motorcyclist who wishes he was Kenny Roberts." Yet, it stuck in their head, that there was a person on the motorcycle, and treated me with that level of 'respect.'

What has been other rider's experiences about commuting safety and your observations from it? This thread is about attire or similar methods, because a discussion about technique can be many threads, like an Audi that tried to run a red light and almost ran over me.