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Thread: 2005 K1200S Brake question

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    2005 K1200S Brake question

    Are the brakes on this bike linked ? How are the linked ? Thru the rear pedal ? Front lever ? How do they work ?

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    What type of brake fluid does this machine take ? DOT 4 ?

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    Someone elsee will need to address the linked question. But yes, it uses DOT 4 brake fluid.
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    Yes, linked. Front lever operates both, rear does rear only.

    Both our S's had minimal rear brake feel when using them solo, always wondered about how the bias was set. The first time I stopped at our roadside mailbox and applied the rear in gravel...I rolled past it by a long shot.
    The front pads are sintered metal, the rear isn't specified in the fiche as to composition spec.
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    The rear pads on mine were sintered which tended to groove up the disc after a period of time. I replaced the disc and also changed pads to organic. End of problem with no downside. As well, the brakes are servo-assisted. Its critical that they be bled/flushed at regular intervals.

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    Quote Originally Posted by henzilla View Post

    Both our S's had minimal rear brake feel when using them solo,.
    Same thing for the K1300S.
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