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Thread: Smoking on startup

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    Smoking on startup

    Had my 2002 K12 shipped from Michigan to Florida in October. Just started bike tonight after arriving. Bike used to smoke a little from sitting, but it cleared up almost immediately. Tonight, the bike smoked continuously as long as it was running. Not a small amount either. Bike was also running a little on the warm side as well, but the fans kicked in and the temp settled down to normal. I am concerned about the excessive smoke though. Any words of wisdom? It's been sitting on the side stand since delivery.

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    I would take it for a ride and expect the smoking to clear within a few miles. If not you have an issue.
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    Did exactly that this morning. Smoke and smell cleared within 15 minutes. Must have been because of it sitting on the side stand so long.

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    Make sure to recheck the oil level and top off as needed.


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    Mine occasionally does the same, Ive quit worrying about it.

    Normal I think.

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