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Thread: Looking at a R80/7

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    Looking at a R80/7

    Greetings from FL,

    I'm looking at a 78 BMW R80/7 with what I believe to be a vetter or luftmeister fairing. I have a little experience riding a R80RT from 84 that belongs to my Stepfather. I ride a Guzzi which in many ways is similar to an older airhead just with perkier cans. The bike in question is a restoration project that I intend to disassemble entirely and rebuild as a naked stock version of the 80/7. The bike is a one owner with a reported 16.000 miles on it. The owner insists that they are actual miles but I'm pretty convinced that the odo has rolled over at least once just by looking at it. I don't know for sure if it truly is a low mileage bike that has been incredibly neglected or a high mileage bike. The footpegs are dirty but show little wear, the handles are dry rotted but crosshatching and letters seem unworn. It has been sitting since 2008. It wouldn't hold idle, didn't seem as powerful as the 80rt I rode and the valve train is probably a bit too quiet. However there was no blue smoke and it seemed to shift fine. The owner wants $2000. Here are a few pictures, let me know what you think of the price. Am I mad or on the right track?


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    Quote Originally Posted by brio View Post
    One possible way to determine mileage is to see how much play exists on the rear brake pedal. It rotates on a pin up and down, so excess side to side play is one barometer of high mileage.

    The bike looks rough but it may clean up just fine.

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    Thanks for the tip on the pedal. Any comments on price?

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    Based upon the condition of the footpegs, I'd say the 16K mileage makes sense. The handgrips are more exposed to the sun, etc., so can see that they'll crack they're thinner.

    The fairing is a Luftmeister...the R80/7 and my R100/7 look very similar. My guess is that the R80/7 was built after January 1 and thus came with a slight change in the timing and the flat top carbs.

    The flat tops and are a bit tricky to set up, so the idling issues likely point to needing to go through the carbs. Also, idling problems crop up with the valves are not set correctly.

    As for price, I don't consider it totally out of whack. If there are tools, a cable lock (look inside the frame backbone under the tank...remove the seat to see), users manuals, then those are pluses. The bags are definitely worth having...maybe right there, it's worth the $2000. A lower price would be better for your pocket. Consider what your upper limit is and offer something below that and work back. But $2000 isn't too too bad.
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    Ok, I'm still leaning towards buying it. I want to get an airhead and the other ones I see for sale may be slightly better but still require complete tear down in order to be up to my standards and are at least $1000 more. I think this is good canvas. Thanks!

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    One thing for sure, the R80 is certainly one of the smoothest, best Airhead's ever produced.

    My brother had one and he stopped riding his Harley dresser after a few trips on the R80.

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    Parts bike at best!

    What was the sellers address, I will stop by and help haul it away. Only kidding! That,s a nice find considering the going price for lesser bikes. You may not have a chance to get one like that one again for a while so my advise is to buy it.

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    Go for it! The fact that it has a Luftmeister fairing means that it still has the headlight ring, lens and reflector as well as the front turn signal parts. That's a good savings right there if you're going to remove the fairing. The fairings don't bring much money but they make fine targets at 100 yards!
    The flat top carbs aren't that big of a problem.

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    If the bike is complete, then it is worth the $2000. Hard to establish age just by looking at the rubber parts because they will show more wear if the bike has been outside a lot. Paint on tank still looks pretty decent. If the tank is clean around the front of the seat, then it likely has low miles. That area will tend to wear based on the amount it is ridden.
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    It has the original tool kit and bicycle pump too but somehow the seat hinges broke off causing the tank to rub on the saddle in two places otherwise the tank is very clean.

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    Buy it, clean it up, do the maintenance it hasn't seen for awhile, and enjoy. That's a keeper. Post some "after" pics after you get it buffed up.

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