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Thread: Carb Sync- 1983 BMW R80 GS

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    Carb Sync- 1983 BMW R80 GS

    Trying to learn to sync my carbs as I work through some of the issues on the bike. I read Snowbum's great article and am following his advice. I bought a carb sync tool but can't seem to figure out where to insert the hose on my carbs to take measurements. Any thoughts? Pictures here:

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    Likely the vacuum port is on the underside of the carb body. Look at a few of the pictures about the middle of this page:

    See the shots with the horribly stained floats? There are two screw heads. The larger one is the idle mixture setting. The smaller one is the vacuum takeoff port. Should be on the side of the carb nearer the engine.
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