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Thread: BMW Audio System Question

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    BMW Audio System Question

    With the Audio System on, and scrolling through the Source Menu (SRC) there is an option for Playlist. I have tried exporting an iTunes Playlist in unicode.txt , plain text, and all the other options (M3U, M3U8, XML) but none of them show up in the Playlist menu on the bike.

    Does anyone know what format the system recognises?
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    I think a simpler way to handle the issue is to get a 16GB USB 2.0 (not 3.0) flash drive and plug it into the USB slot in the RH compartment. I've never noticed a "Playlist" option in the menus on my 2015RT. I use a program called "M3Unify" to create the USB files. It seems to work very well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by desmoderek View Post
    I have tried exporting an iTunes Playlist
    I've never had any luck copying an iTunes playlist to anything other than another Apple product.
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    While this does not directly answer your question, I use a USB stick with lots of music on it in .mp3 format, and set it to play at random.

    Because my music is sourced from all over the place, it can play back at different volumes, so I run a little program called "MP3Gain" over the files that evens up the output volume before I copy them to the bike's USB stick.

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    I use earbuds, rather than bluetooth helmet speakers, to listen to music. I use a USB drive with music, a small iPhone, an iPod, and SiriusXM to listen to music. I described my set-up under the K1600 section (as that is where the question first arose). The volume adjustment and song selection is done using the wobbly wheel on the left-hand side handle bar. A link to that discussion follows -

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