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Thread: K75 Seat Rubber Buttons Replacement?

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    K75 Seat Rubber Buttons Replacement?

    Upon considering the options, I am currently planning to send my K75s' Corbin Dual Canyon seat to Sargent for recovering. But it seemed like a good idea to replace the six rubber bumpers on the seat pan first. They are fairly hard and three seem pretty worn down. I called Corbin and found out that they no longer have the "gumdrop" style buttons. They say all they use are ones that are 3/8 thick by 1 1/8 in diameter. The old style are 5/8 high and about 7/8 at the base, so I question if the seat will sit correctly with the short ones. Anyone had this experience and found a solution to replacements for the old style bumpers? Or does everyone just leave them alone?
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    I have a couple of suggestions. First, contact Sargent and see if they have something suitable. Second, visit your local hardware store and see if there is something that will work. An example might be a toilet seat "bumper".


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    Not sure where those tall bumpers are located, but I'd guess that replacing them with short bumpers will cause the seat to sit incorrectly. The hinge will hold one side up, while the bumpers will allow the other side to drop lower.

    Get creative on finding replacements. Hardware stores carry a wide variety of rubber bits. Look around. You could also start with a thinner bumper, and build it up with some form of backing: wood, PVC, etc.

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    A somewhat more expensive option is to look at McMaster-Carr. They carry nearly everything. Using a search term "rubber bumpers" will show many available options -

    These seem to be what you are seeking, but you have to order 50.

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    I am about to send a worn Corbin seat for my 88 K75S in to Sargent Cycle Products for recovering and some reshaping of the passenger seat. I will be having the Carbon FX material used for the cover as this is on several of my other Sargent seats and I've been quite pleased. My wife much preferred the shape of the passenger seat on my R1200RT which is a Sargent seat. It was indicated that the K75S seat could be shaped to be more similar to the RT seat.

    Regarding the rubber bumpers; the guy at Sargent indicated that they get hardware from McMaster and they could replace the riveted in rubber bumpers.

    The cost estimate for my saddle was about $200 for recovering and about $50 for foam modification. My seat will be going out tomorrow.

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    Thanks for the helpful replies. The rubber bumpers that came up on the link to the McMaster-Carr site appear to be the exact ones used by Corbin. I would call Corbin and let them know they can still get them, but I don't think I will bother, since they didn't seem too interested in doing these old seats with the original, and necessary, hardware. It is interesting to know that Sargent, who didn't even make the seat, will not only replace the bumpers, but re-shape the foam, too. I thought of trying to replace the bumpers myself, but worry that once off, I won't be able to mount new ones solidly enough. I was once again thinking of having a local person do the work, since they would be close and easy to deal with, but it looks like Sargent may win out.

    One thing that is worrisome is that Corbin claims they glue the seat cover to the foam, and hence have to replace all the foam when they do the seat. Anyone know if that is true? I'm not sure how Sargent would deal with that issue.

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    I have had Sargent replace the cover and leave the foam on the Corbin seat on my R100GS/PD. This was a few years ago. The seat came back looking like new and is holding up very well. That was one of the things that has made me become a Sargent customer. When I purchased my R1200RTW I also purchased a new, heated Sargent seat. It is very comfortable and has a few things that the OEM seat lacked. Specifically, there is a nice little pocket beneath the rider's seat which I use for registration and insurance cards. The cable that heats the seat is a bit longer so that it is much easier to remove the seat (and I can access the info under the seat more easily, should the need arise). The tools, such as they are on the wethead, are now located beneath the passenger seat in holders made for those tools.

    This time, for the K75S I have asked that the passenger seat be somewhat reshaped to make my wife more comfortable. Sargent indicated that this would be no problem.

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