Hey, I have a 2007 K1200R Sport that I purchased this summer with about 52k miles on it. It is an incredible bike and I have a blast riding it.

Unfortunately, I was having some issues starting it up:
- EWS issue once or twice (just unhooked the battery, hooked everything back up and it was fine)
- the dash wouldn't light up occasionally but eventually would turn on after a delay or several key revolutions
- the bike would be ready to start but it would shutdown completely when startup button was pressed (kickstand was up, was in neutral, etc..)

I started it back in October and it started up fine but as of recent, it won't start at all. The bike is completely dead... We originally thought the battery was dead but the battery is fully charged. We checked connections and wiggled everything we could get our hands on. I took all the body panels off at one point. I was thinking maybe the computer was the issue and since there are no fuses to check and it's just a massive wire harness, we've hit a wall.

I have been searching through the forums to find some type of solution but am not locating anything that is helpful to my situation. Does anybody know of this problem? Should I look into purchasing a new computer? Any tricks or tips to help me get it started or to fix the issues I was having earlier?

Thank you in advance!