Join the Yankee Beemers Motorcycle Club for our annual flagship event, where all proceeds are donated to local charities. Located in beautiful Heath Ma, the Damn Yankees Rally is rustic camping at one of New England’s oldest operating fairgrounds, The Heath Fairground. Rustic, outdoor showers. Saturday evening chicken BBQ by the Heath Volunteer Fire Department is included, Legendary Church Ladies home made Pies and baked goods. (Free Coffee if you bring your own mug) Saturday night “burn it all” bonfire is always a good time. Saturday activities often include a guided rides, a visit to a legendary ISDT Spanish Motorcycle museum, A Magical Mystery Tour, Moto GymKhana and more!
All Bikes Welcome!
Hot Showers

Our Moto Gymkhana is in its 3rd year now. Ride the course as fast as you can, try not to knock over the cones, hit the tires or fall off your bike. $100 first prize. Todd and Pat will be your referees again in 2019. Every year its a new course and a great time. You get a free run with you rally ticket and each additional run is $2. The run money is awarded to the winners. This is a modified "Gymkhana" on a grassy field. It is optimized so that all bikes have a chance at winning. We handicap smaller machines as necessaryin the 50-650cc, Liter Bike, and "Light Truck" category.