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Thread: 2010 RT - After market screen advice

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    2010 RT - After market screen advice

    I have a friend here is Australia who is looking for an aftermarket screen for his 2010 RT that will offer better wind and rain protection than the OEM screen. He's a big guy and well over six foot. Any suggstions please?
    It seems that Quiet Werks and Puig don't do screens for bikes of that age.

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    I interested in this as well. I was wondering who had experience with some of the manufacturers and who has an aftermarket screen that provides less buffeting and wind noise.

    I have a US 2011 R1200RT


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    2010 RT- after market screen advice

    I too live in Oz

    I have an 06 RT1200

    I have a ZedTechnic screen which is great, except for the odd 37 degree centigrade plus day, and is very effective.

    I am above average upper body height( but not the same long body height as some 6 foot plus riders), but in Canberra winters I can set that Zed Technic screen so it is dead quiet ( with earplugs), with no buffeting. Its great on a long trip, but you have to watch side winds on the Hay Plains

    Until I scratched it in a driveway drop, the standard BMW RT screen was only used Dec-Feb

    One other issue.[If you ride solo, say down the Hume Highway to Melbourne at constant 110 kph, some screens can set up a slight " wobble". Nothing dangerous, but noticeable, because a vortex sets up between the rider and the top box. I went back to standard BMW 27 litre top box from the 47 litre larger box, just to eliminate that " wobble"

    Hope that helps


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    Thanks so much Bill.
    I will forward your coments top my friend, and wait to see what other ideas my enquiry reveals.

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    Aeroflow, ZTechnik's VStream, California Scientific, Parabellum, Rifel - all make windshields for that year of an RT that are wider/taller. Getting it to Australia from here won't be inexpensive.

    I personally like the idea of having a vent/lip/tunnel like the Aeroflow or California as it seems to reduce back pressure. My current VStream does create some back pressure when in the tallest position (I'm 6').

    I would consider adding stronger windshield arms (BeemerBoneyard has them) - the bigger shield puts a lot of stress on these small parts.
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    Quote Originally Posted by drneo66 View Post
    I would consider adding stronger windshield arms (BeemerBoneyard has them) - the bigger shield puts a lot of stress on these small parts.

    IMHO ,The stainless steel windshield arms are a must if you install a bigger shield. The OEM ones are not solid enough.
    I upgraded the upper ones on my 07RT when I installed my VStream shield years ago.

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