I had this as a part of another thread but woke up thinking it was more of a hijack. So excuse me if you’ve already read this there!!

Windscreen wonderings 2016 RTW
I find my stock screen wanting in rain protection and noise abatement (not exactly the same as "buffeting" I think). First question- is rain protection the same as wind protection- that is to say are the two directly correlated- I've been searching for hours and find little or no mention of rain in windshield raves or criticisms. My second wondering has to do with cold and hot weather riding. I see that the aftermarket screens I'm looking at are wider at the waist than my OEM- does that mean that in the low position I'll not get the same airflow as my narrower stock? As a practical matter my long tours encounter cool and hot conditions (mountains-desert!) so changing screens isn't an option and I'm not a fan of two piece screens. So far I'm thinking Werks short - I'm 5'8" (5'9" depending on vanity level) and have ilium bar backs seat low...the reason for short vs regular (standard?) is the need for full breeze sometimes...OTOH I really dont mind looking through the screen (as on my Heritage Softail with the barn door screen) though the re-curve laminar lip has distortion potential (sorry Realshelby...but any curve HAS to introduce some distortion...and yes, I'm inviting dispute because I love the the LOOK of that Werks tint for my ebony RT!!) My other thought (obviously? is the Aeroflow

Anyway, I suppose windscreen threads are like helmet threads...too personal and subjective to use others experience to make our own decision.