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Thread: Buying advice GS requested

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    Buying advice GS requested

    Good day everyone,

    I am about to pull the trigger on a GS LC, there are two models I am considering:

    1) 2016 GS premium, 22,000 mls, over 12 months of factory warranty left, no farkles except crashbars
    2) 2014 GS premium, 13,000 mls, BMW NAV 5, after market screen, bash plate, radiator guards, rack with aluminum cases (don't remember what brand)

    The 1) bike is about $1,500 more than 2)

    What would you do? Thanks!
    Olaf - Austin, TX MOA #200565
    Current bikes: 2016 R1200GS, 2 x1973 R75/5, the Toaster is for sale!

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    Suggest you buy the one with warranty as you can buy an extended warranty for about $1500 as long as the bike is still under factory warranty. I recommend extending the warranty as most dealers are charging $125 or more per hour for service work. Look for used adventure bags online...they are always coming available.
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    Good point on the warranty. Usually I don't get extended warranty but good to have the option.

    Most likely I will have to spend another $1500 or more to farkel the 2016 to the level of the 2014, but I can do that at my own pace.

    Olaf - Austin, TX MOA #200565
    Current bikes: 2016 R1200GS, 2 x1973 R75/5, the Toaster is for sale!

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    Here’s one vote that the BMW Nav is not worth the money. I bought a Nav VI with my GSA and am very disappointed in it.

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    If the motorcycle has been regularly serviced; personally, I wouldn't worry about the warranty.


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    I recon I'd buy the second one with all the fruit and save some dollars, as you'd probably finish up with all the other stuff anyway. I love the Nav V on my RT, which after all, is a Garmin.

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