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I have long said that if you seem to be the guy that never gets invited to parties, has no friends and no one ever calls, then get a tire changer. Suddenly you will have friends you never met, strangers will appear at your door with tire in hand and your phone will not stop ringing. I imagine that if you have a pneumatic tire changer you will make the Hollywood A list.
It has worked for me!

Another vote for the Harbor Freight Changer, with their Motorcycle Adapter, equipped with "Mojo Blocks" use plenty of lube, I find that the stuff NAPA sells works well, and the Mojo Lever.

The "Mojo Blocks" are Nylon Blocks that attach to the Harbor Freight Motorcycle Wheel Clamp and both securely grasp and protect your rim.

You will be able to use the center pivot post provided with the HF Changer for your rear wheel but it will not work on the front. The threads the post screws into are 3/4" x 10, I pought a length of Cold Rolled 3/4" Rod and had a local machine shop thread it for me. I haven't changed a front tire on a GS yet so I don't know if it will pass through the front wheel bearings or not. I have a rod I had turned down to fit my KLR's front wheel which I'm sure will work.

Other neccessary pieces ar a NoMar "Yellow Thing" to hold the tire while using the Mojo Lever, a couple of plastic rim protectors for

The Mark Parnes Balancer and Hub adapter are excellent as wellwhen a recalcitrant tire requires the application of brute force with a tire iron to get that last little bit over the rim.

As to AKBeemer's "Friends" they all come to see his wife, He married way up. JSNS