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Thread: Will German motorcycles get new USA Import tariffs ?

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    Will German motorcycles get new USA Import tariffs ?

    A USA car exported to Europe, can get as much as a 75% or even higher tax put on it. It sounds like a tit for tat is about to take place with vehicles. I wont go political here, just ask a question. So if a tit for tat happens, and a BMW car get's a 25% to 45% import tax (Tariff) as its imported into the USA this Spring, will a BMW motorcycle get the same thing ? I cant imagine Motorrad could survive if that happens. A $24K GSA would retail at about $32 to $35K. Add some tax and a couple bags, we would be knocking at the door of $40K. If that happens, I'm out.

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    Probably, but look on the bright side, those who’ve already bought a late model bike will see immediate appreciation.

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    I wouldn’t worry about it. Unfortunately, much of “retail sales” seem to be encouraged by and through what I call “retail terrorism”. “Buy now because.........”.
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    A big tariff would kill many BMW enthusiasts' thoughts about the 2019 R1200RT. My thoughts were fading anyway but a tariff would bury them. Moreover, my existing RTs were tariff free.
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    When is this tariff supposed to be imposed ?

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