I recently traded my '09 RT for a 2015 GS and found Anakee Wild's on sale even though the original Anakee 3's only have 3500 miles on them. I've changed pickup and bicycle tires, but this will be my first time to change motorcycle tires and will need to buy some new tools (a guy needs an excuse for new tools, right?). I figure they will pay for themselves after two or three sets of tires.

I know I will need a balancer with an adapter for the rear wheel. Any suggestions what to look for and what to avoid?

What size Hex socket do I need for the front axle? I've seen posts showing 22mm for older models, but have not found a post showing the correct size for the 2015 GS. I tried the reverse spark plug socket trick I saw on some posts, but none of the ones I have fit, so I might as well buy the right size Hex socket.

I'd originally thought to use the kickstand foot to break the bead as I saw on some posts, but am thinking it might be better to have a tire changer that I can keep using. I need to keep the cost down, but I also want something easy to fold up and store. Any suggestions?

Tips and tricks from your experience are also appreciated!