I was watching DirtTrax tv and they had a segment on this place. It looks like they have a little something for everyone and I think there was a clip on a group of "adventure" bikes running loops on one of their tracks.

What would you build if you could build anything?
When we asked ourselves that question, hereís what came to mind:
We seek adventure and fun, whether itís watching or doing
We love bringing together spectators and participants to share in the richness of an immersive experience
We aspire to provide every person with a sense of accomplishment
We strive to do something different, to live life to the fullest
Ultimately, our answer became TexPlex Park.
We wanted to build an innovative, thousand-acre development meant to be enjoyed by friends and families, where memories are born out of the excitement and awe of an experience like no other. TexPlex is a visual landscape, a blend of action sports and product engagement that overwhelm the senses. With the goal that curiosity becomes action, that dreams become reality and our adventures bring you back for years to come.

Looks like a fun place-