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Thread: Yearning for a sport bike...

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    Repairs for iABS modules have been available by a company in Germany for several years. (~€900 and shipping)

    In the U.S., Module Masters has begun repairs, though their web site still shows that module as "Under Development" as they work through a backlog. ($750-800)

    No, not cheap, but failure is far from a certainty.
    2006 R1200RT

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    Quote Originally Posted by BC1100S View Post
    ....typically attributable to disintegrating brake hoses and lack of regular fluid flushing. If the bike has had its scheduled maintenance checks, it is highly likely that the ABS/Servo unit is just fine. Further, this bike came equipped with braided steel lines and did not suffer the same fate as many neglected rubber-hosed R1100/1150.
    Absolutely true. The fact that it has braided steel brake line is a good sign that the previous owner was into his bike and perhaps keen on the maintenance items. However, I would still like to see evidence that the fluid was changed regularly. Previous owner may have had it serviced so there would be records there. Even if he did the servicing himself I'd want to see his records. I bought a 2006 once where the fluid was very off-colored and I suspect, in retrospect, may never have been changed. I changed the fluid right away and had the bike for several years without a problem. So one can get lucky. I also bought a 2005 with a failed ABS unit and turned that into a non-ABS bike. Use that one quite a bit and actually liked the fact that it didn't have the ABS; made me pay more attention to my braking. Bottom line is that I wouldn't necessarily not buy a bike with ABSIII, just wanted the OP to be aware that those ABS units cannot be repaired or replaced without significant cost.
    PS. My recommendation for anyone interested in a K1200 would be to spend a few more dollars and get a k1300. BMW sorted several issues with the k12 when the k13 was released and those small changes add up to a substantially better bike, IMHO.
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    K1200 vs K1300

    I concur fully with RadioFun1... right on the money, Ernesto!

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