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Thread: Replacing the /6 cork gas tank seal

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    Replacing the /6 cork gas tank seal

    After 43 years my gas cap started leaking when full, only ceasing to do so once 2 gallons had been used.


    Time for a new gas cap cork seal - p/n 16 11 1 230 603.

    The pivot pin is serrated and only comes off to the left, using a pin punch:


    Vise grips depress the seal against the strong spring to expose the retaining rivet:


    A Dremel abrasive wheel is used to grind off the rivet head, taking care not to remove any of the post material:


    Dismantled - old seal - shot, spring and rubber spacer on shaft:


    The tricky bit. You need to drill a 0.17” (#17 drill size) hole dead center and perpendicular. I locked the cap in place in the wooden jaws of the vise, checking that the rim was equidistant either side from the surface using a dial caliper as a depth gauge, then clamped this simple right angle drilling jig to the bench after centering. I started with an oversize drill to establish a centered cone cut (a small drill bit is too prone to wandering), then switched to the #17. Sadly I sold my drill press years ago which would have made this easy:


    The drilled hole is tapped for an M6 x 1.0mm bolt, which is 0.23” in thread diameter (I’m mixing metric and English!):


    The tapped bore. I used WD40 as cutting lubricant:


    Ready for reassembly - rubber collar, spring, washer, lock washer and stainless steel M6 bolt, after blasting everything with compressed air. Blue Loctite is used on the threads:


    Job completed - note the vent hole to relieve tank gas pressure - orientation is irrelevant:


    The first seal lasted 43 years so I will be replacing this one when I am 110.

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