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Thread: Adding heated grips

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    Adding heated grips

    Looking at a purchase of a 2013 r 1200 r classic that did not have heated grips from the factory, also does not have the on board computer.
    A real low mile bike but I live where we ride if no snow and dry roads and need them.
    Has anyone added these to a bike like this?
    My worry is that the wiring harness on the bike may not accommodate the new grips, also think there is a controller missing in there somewhere.
    Your comments would be appreciated

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    They probably can be added, the wiring harness is most likely wired for the extras. The switch cover on the right side is around $260, the grips are around $123 for left, $177 for the right.

    We have an 1100R with some aftermarket grips that do use an existing switch location and the OEM rocker switch...point is they are hotter than the OEM and a cheaper route. I did not add them, but have seen similar units in cruiser catalogs.

    You might call a local dealer and ask as well to get a cost

    Just a reminder that the Classsic, if it has spoked wheels, has inner tubes!
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    Aftermarket Grips

    The aftermarket grips I have seen have the wiring harness separate and the wire turns on the handle as you twist it.
    I agree they would be less expensive but like the way the OEM look clean with no protruding wires, It is not a deal killer either way.
    I talked with Alamo BMW in Boerne Tx they quoted me around $900 to add these. A bit more than I want to spend but you look up all the bits required and it does add up.
    Has anyone any recommendations on aftermarket brand that they prefer ?
    I do realize the spokes are tube type tires on this model just like the way they look.
    Wonder why BMW doesn't use tubeless spoke wheels like my GS has but I guess that would not be RETRO enough.
    Just carry tire tools and some patches and maybe a tube.
    Merry Christmas to you guys down in the Hill country.

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