1999 K1200RS with only 16,057 miles received yesterday. I was told a Harley dealership checked the bike. I rode it carefully for 8 miles and 3 issues of note.

1) breaking to a stop in 4th gear, I could not downshift from the complete stop, tried moving the bike forward, and still the shift pedal gave no resistance. Turned off engine released clutch and rolled it a bit forward in gear and it dropped to 3rd, then the pedal functioned.

2) some burning odor slight after the 8 miles, went up to 60 MPH briefly but mostly 20 to 30 MPH.

3)low beam head lamp out, probably simply bulb issue but makes me wonder how good the dealership inspection was.

4) Not sure if the plastic round window on the inner side of the left handle is supposed to show a fluid level but it does NOT. The right handle window does show fluid half way. Is this normal? What is the left handle window for? I was imagining it to be for revealing transmission fluid.