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Thread: Jim Ford and thoughts about scanning the environment

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    The MSF and most 'track-day' schools have been stressing these "FiveSmithKeys" for decades.

    What this appears to be is the same advice, packaged into a copyrighted presentation, and 'geared' for non-motorcycle highway users.

    However, if one thinks such a seminar would have value at a National, it should be looked into - too many MOA members lack formal or recurring instruction, so it would be a good refresher of 'common sense' behind the handlebars.
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    Quote Originally Posted by txmxrider View Post
    I really enjoy reading all the MOA articles regarding riding safely and I especially enjoy Jim Ford's articles because I too like to ride mountain roads at a brisk (but safe) pace. I try to train my eyes to watch the vanishing point and also scan the road and ditches for hazards.
    I found it humorous that he set the stage for almost crashing because he was fantasizing about my wife.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lkraus View Post
    It's OK to link to the keys on their web site:
    Nothing new there, but it sums up defensive driving very well. Point 5 is especially important to motorcyclists since we are harder to spot in traffic and safety studies all agree this is a big problem for us.
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    Quote Originally Posted by greenwald View Post

    Improving vehicles without improving how people drive them (education, followed up by enforcement) only results in crashes involving impressively sophisticated machines, operated by impressively incompetent drivers.
    This is an excellent point.

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