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Thread: On-Board Diagnostics 2 (OBD2)

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    On-Board Diagnostics 2 (OBD2)

    When I purchased my 2018 R1200RTw I also obtained a GS-911 device. I wanted to be able to see which, if any, fault codes were being generated and then reset them after resolving the issue. I also wanted to be able to reset the service interval setting upon doing the various service steps. The GS-911 allows one to do this. On my bike, the GS-911 communicates with the bike's control systems using the OBD2 connection located near the battery behind the panel aft of the right cylinder.

    Info on the GS-911 can be found in the links below -

    I was interested in learning more about the OBD2 and found this informative video -

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    I have used a GS-911 since my 07 LT.

    I have the one from my 15 RT and had to buy the cable to go from 10 pin to the OBD II.

    I would never be without one.

    The service and calibration functions are golden. Being able to check all systems, fan, flapper, calibrate DESA, clear fuel tables, set service reminder. bleed the ABS block, reset TPS, check all idiot lights for function, and so much more it is well worth the cost. Especially if you in a club or have a few friends that will chip in to use it.

    HEX has been at this awhile and as the bikes change so does the GS-911.

    When BMW went to TFT HEX Code needed to interface with it and did it in a decent amount of time.

    Next best thing to connecting to the BMW Mother Ship at the dealer.

    It is why I also use their ezCAN, NO ONE knows more about the BMW Can Bus then HEX outside of BMW.
    2017.5 R 1200 GSW

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