My K75s has a Corbin Dual Canyon seat and the cover is worn out (cracked,etc). I'm trying to figure out what to do. Corbin wants almost $400 with shipping back and forth to recover it, so I think that is out. The seats on Ebay seem to be in pretty rough shape, about like mine, so they too would need recovered. A couple of questions:

1) Anyone had any luck finding a seat cover for these seats? A local upholster could put it on for me. I see one offered on Ebay for about $50, but I wonder about the quality and the final fit, assuming it would even work with the Dual Canyon seat.

2) The Corbin hinges open. What about the "Sliding Dual" seat from BMW? Was that the most common seat put on the k75 bikes, or a pretty rare option? It apparently does not hinge but somehow hooks in the back and front. Are these a decent seat for the bike? I can't figure out from the parts diagram exactly how they actually worked, and if the side push button on the Corbin works with the other style.