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Thread: Cardo Smartpack Dual Problems with Headset and Company.

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    Cardo Smartpack Dual Problems with Headset and Company.


    I'm having issues with my Cardo Smartpack comm systems that the company hasn't been able to fix. Hoping someone has had a similar issue and is able to shed some light on a fix.

    I'm running a dual Smartpack (purchased this spring) connecting to iphone SEs. All software and firmware is up-to-date. I'm still experiencing 2 issues: iphone connection and DMC re-connection when we get out of range of each other. The only way to resolve this is to do multiple power resets. Frustrating to say the least as we spend the first 10 mins of our rides trying to get connected. If we get out out of range in DMC mode one of us needs to do a power reset(s) to reestablish our connection. A good system when it works, but those times are far and few between.

    The company has replaced both helmet clamps to address a broken clamp and an intermittent mic problem on the other one.

    I've spent considerable time emailing back and forth and now it seems Cardo's solution is to ignore me. All I want is to have these work as advertised.

    I've suggested they replace them or refund my money.....crickets.

    Anyone have any suggestions?

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    I haven't had an opportunity to try this yet but when I contacted Cardo about the problem of our Packtalk units not reconnecting they suggested re-pairing them. I plan to do a full reset and then re-pair them. I think that the problem of not reconnecting once the units go out of range from each other must have resulted from the last firmware update as we did not have this problem previously.

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    I've done multiple re-pairing and factory resets on both units with no difference.

    I rode with a small group a few weeks back and we all managed to connect. Some of those riders were saying the same thing about the latest firmware. They said they had less problems with the previous version.

    I wrote another email to the company. I'm assuming I'll get ignored, again.

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    I've had issues with my SmartPack duo set too. They wouldn't pair in bluetooth mode even though they are supposed to be paired at the factory.
    It seems the issue was with mine. It didn't pair with it's factory paired sibbling or with other BT comm devices, cardo or other brands. It would pair with my cell and gps. I tried full resets, software restore and re-install, nothing worked. I however didn't have your issue in DMC mode. So I endured the devices.
    Last summer, mine broke it's USB connector while on a trip to Europe. I couldn't charge my SmartPack anymore. Not good.

    I contacted Cardo support and got a new SmartPack replacement shipped, no charge. Now, all is well. I can pair in DMC, BT with the other SmartPack, other Cardo Scala and also with Sena comms.

    Did you try rolling back the software?

    I hope your problem get resolved. Best of luck.

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    Interesting discussion. Looking at getting one of these systems but I'm reading of customer service horror-stories from both major brands. Makes you wonder.
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    Quote Originally Posted by The_Veg View Post
    Interesting discussion. Looking at getting one of these systems but I'm reading of customer service horror-stories from both major brands. Makes you wonder.
    Same with me. I think I will wait awhile before I pull the trigger.

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