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Thread: Cruise control

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    Cruise control

    Who would like to share their experiences with cruise control on a motorcycle. I like good long rides but have run into a couple of limiting factors. I will upgrade my seat (soon), but would find a cruise control really worthwhile to give my right arm a break for those all day rides.

    Any suggestions? I enjoy riding on my 2004 R 1150 RT.

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    Welcome to the forum! Check some of the threads in the Similar Threads below...several of them are in the Oilheads forum which might address some of the issues you're considering.
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    Welcome to the forum.
    Are you asking about throttle locks or electronic cruise control?

    Throttlemeister is a a popular throttle lock.
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    7,324 I used one of these on my 2008 GSA and it was easy to install and worked great. New GSA has cruise control which is even better. Good luck
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    Cruise control

    I have had several bikes with cruise control like a car. My hand goes to sleep pretty easily so I use the cruise a lot. Definitely go with a cruise control vs a throttle lock.
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    For non cruise control farkles , I found the Atlas Throttle lock to be the best for my 700 GS. Second generation.

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    I've been using a Wunderlich Throttle Lock on my '04 R1150RT for the last couple of years and like it a lot. That and some Grip Buddies makes long days easy on the hands.
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    I won't go without cruise. It's saved my countless numbers of performance awards (speeding tickets). I consider it required now, not an option.
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    I've used throttle locks for years and while they are great on level ground, they need attention units on hills. Going up you slow down, and if you roll on a bit to compensate you need to roll off at the crest of the hill lest you end up like Dave with some performance awards. My new GSA has cruise and I love it!

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    I'm very glad that I have cruise on my 2012 RT. I find that it makes even shorter, one hour, rides more comfortable. While not necessary for most folks, I really like being able to relax either arm.

    I have no experience with throttle locks, however.

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    Quote Originally Posted by weschmann View Post
    For non cruise control farkles , I found the Atlas Throttle lock to be the best for my 700 GS. Second generation.

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    OK. So this is pretty clunky but I did install one on my 2005 FJR (before they offered cruise control) and it worked great. The trickiest bits were mounting the vacuum servo (I put it behind the left saddlebag on the FJR) and the control panel (someone back then offered a nifty machined aluminum mount). Worked perfectly for five years, rain, cold, nothing hurt it and it worked just like a car's cruise-control. Back then it was branded by Audiovox and I bought it at Autozone but I think Murph's the only place to get one these days. If I had a non-cruise equipped motorcycle I would not hesitate one minute to buy and install one.
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    Would you buy a car without cruise control? I wouldn't...same for a motorcycle.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AKsuited View Post
    Would you buy a car without cruise control? I wouldn't...same for a motorcycle.
    I have and I would again buy a motorcycle without cruise control. At the places I ride the most a cruise would be less than useful: too many hills and curves, short sight distances, and upshifts and downshifts. If I did a lot of interstate droning I might feel different.
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    Lack of cruise control is a deal breaker on purchasing a new bike for me. Being able to rest my right hand is critical in long distance rides. I must say the cruise control on the 2018 GS is much more refined than the cruise on my 2015 Triumph. The Triumph cruise will chop throttle on disabling, which can be disturbing if I bump the throttle while it is on. The GS disable is wonderfully gradual.

    Throttle locks will work but a factory cruise will maintain speed, which is handy when following cars with cruise set.
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