I have a ‘57 R60 that has a 2.91 (ratio) and it is much too high for the hilly area that I live in. I’m in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mts and the closest city is nicknamed the “Hill City”. All fine and good for a lower ratio rear end but the 2.91 rear end needs riding the clutch and visions of nice flatlanders terrain.

I would like a lower Rear End. Barrington’s says that that year also had a 3.18 ratio. And surprisingly no ratio for a sidecar.

I’m curious as to options. Are some, if not all Rear Ends from ‘55 to ‘69 interchangeable. Probably dreaming. Do other Crown Gear Sets fit the earlier bikes. Like wouldn’t it be grand/lucky if the /5 gears fit the older housings. Anyone want to let go of a little knowledge to help me make this bike more enjoyable in this area.

Everything is appreciated