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Thread: Exhausts on a K1100- What to do with the o2?

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    Exhausts on a K1100- What to do with the o2?

    Iíve been riding my K for about 6 months now, and love it. But with the more aggressive look on my bike, Iím looking to shed some weight and get a smaller exhaust. My K1100 has the factory unit, and itís in perfect condition, so I donít really want to cut it up because I read they are getting harder to find.

    What I see is finding a set of k100 headers, the 4in1 collector from BSK and a smaller, mild silencer.
    My question is, where is everyone putting an 02 sensor? Do you just drill a hole in the 2Ē pipe and weld in a nut? Or do I have to do something with the cat. Converter?

    Help would be appriciated.

    (Hereís an older picture of the bike, sans rearsets and new bars.)

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    For my K1100, I just bought a Remus non-cat header and muffler that has the bung in it. But yes, you could weld one in. Here is a typical one, but I didn't check it for size and thread pitch...

    If you are willing to cut up your current exhaust, you could fit a collector such as this one and go muffler shopping.
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