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Thread: YouTube 12000Mile/20000Km RTW Service Video Series

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    YouTube 12000Mile/20000Km RTW Service Video Series

    I thought this might be worth posting up for the group if anyone is considering undertaking the scheduled maintenance on their own bike. (Wethead)
    We filmed this over 2 days in October at the end of the riding season up North. I had my ridding buddy (Chris on the Street) on the camera, while I spun the wrenches.
    Its long! which was our intention. Many folks may have already done this service, but some may prefer to let the dealership do it. We followed the service schedule sheet pretty much, plus some added checks and observations along the way. (I hope to do a follow-up video soon with all the minor points).
    I've done this service 6 times on the Wethead and maybe 20 times on Hex/Cam Heads, so I hope that you enjoy watching the series.


    Part 1
    Part 2
    Part 3
    Part 4
    Part 5
    Part 6
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