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Thread: Wrist pins for a 1978 R100

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    Wrist pins for a 1978 R100

    I need a source for the old style wrist pin clips, not the circle clips that are used now that snap on the ends of the wrist pins. These snap inside the groove in the piston.
    Thanks for your help.

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    I presume these are not for you stock '78 pistons. At any rate, Vech shows 3 different circlips on his page:

    Search for the word "wristpin". He has 18mm and 20mm. I think the 18mm is for the plunger twins from the early 1960s while the 20mm was used with the R68 and possibly onwards.

    Another site that shows them is:

    And MaxBMW has them.
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    wrist pin sources

    I will give them a call

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