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Thread: Brighter than OEM headlights? is that possible?

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    Quote Originally Posted by river-runner View Post

    I'm thinking I will paint the OEM driving light with yellow stained glass stain. Comes in an aerosol rattle can. I have denali D-4's where you have erica's.

    I'm hoping to get the benefit from the yellow light during the day on the OEM lights and full benefit from the more powerful white D-4's at night to see down range.

    Note: The yellow stained glass paint is not my idea. Saw it in a post here some time ago. I've got the paint, the task has to bubble up in my to-do list......
    My Clearwaters came with yellow plastic lenses in the kit. A 30-second job to unscrew the front of the light module and insert--and remove--the yellow lenses. Easy peasy and provides the perfect effect for me. You too, maybe?

    Good luck.
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    On my 2018 R1200RTW I modeled my aux lighting (and crashbars) after that shown by bmwdean. The Clearwater lights are awesome, integrate well with the bike's Canbus system, and provide better conspicuity.

    The only downside of LED lights that use PWM (pulse width modulation) to control brightness is apparent when making a Go-Pro-type motorcycle video. The rapid on/off feature of PWM is not visible to human eyes, but digital cameras can record this effect. When the recorded video is played back on a computer the lights appear to be flashing (the rear tail llight also does this flashing). I've found this to be a bit distracting when viewing a video recording - perhaps I'll get used to it.

    A short video clip illustrating this LED flashing may be viewed by clicking the link below -

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    Back in the good old days, the early 90's, when I was still in the UK, a lot of riders would up their 55/55W headlamp bulbs to 55/65, or 55/85.You coud even go up to 55/100 if you were brave enough.
    I admit i haven't looked in a long time, but I don't think I ever found anything more powerful than a 55W in the US.
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