Hi all,

I've been looking at helmets and coms and thanks for all the helpful stuff on this forum, but I was hoping someone with the Neotech 2 and SRL specifically could provide some first hand feedback on this combination.

First off, let me say that I have a Shoei GT Air (5 years old) and love it. I use the Interphone Com system and they are both fantastic. Both are now a little aged (not unlike me), but they work well.

The helmet is quiet, comfortable and the com system (although it mounts on the outside) is well integrated. The unit is easy to use, the speakers are loud and the microphone works well. Even at highway speeds with ear plugs in, my wife and I (she has same setup on her bike) can talk to each other.
The sound has reduced base tones which improves clarity at speed but does sound less natural, and we don't tend to listen to music. The GPS instructions are also fine. The microphone is a wire type adhered to the inside of the chin bar (not boom type).

So, to my questions about the Neotech 2 and SRL.

1. For a modular helmet, the usual approach seems to be a boom mic, although Schuberth seem to do it with concealed mics. How does the boom mic go on the Neotech when opening and closing the front of the helmet or taking it on and off? Does it strike the chin curtain each time? Does it sit too close to mouth/lips? Does it get annoying and is it in the way all the time?

2. Is the volume control and output loud enough to head clearly at highway speeds with ear plugs in? We use custom moulded plugs with attenuators (musicians plugs) so we do have good noise suppression without blocking all sound, but I have heard comments saying the volume is not able to be set very high. Having said this, I was reading the user guide for the SRL and it suggests there are a number of auto and semi auto settings for volume and noise cancelling, as well as individual volume settings for intercom, music, nav etc. so this may be user error coming through.

3. What is the battery life on the SRL like? They claim 10 hours, but I never believe the claims for battery life or distance from coms suppliers. My concern is, that unlike the coms on the Schuberth C4, this one doesn't allow you to swap over a battery (it's fixed into the unit), so when it's run out, you are stuck. It also suggests that it can't be charged and used at the same time.

3. Is the microphone component hard wired into the system or does it plug into the chain? Damaging a mic, particularly a boom mic, is not unheard of, and not being able to replace it easily may be an issue. More importantly, I see that Sena (although they don't recommend it) have said that with other types of their coms units, you can place a small mic up in the foam padding around the brow if you prefer not having a mic at the front of the helmet.
Not that they recommend it, but they specifically talk about it in one of their "tips and trick" videos.

4. And finally, but probably not a question so much, is buying a helmet and integrated coms system such a smart idea? All eggs in one basket issue. The helmet is no doubt great, but if the coms unit is not so great, we are locked in and fitting an external coms unit is probably not going to work.

So, anyone have this set up, used it for some time, uses ear plugs, and can provide some first hand feedback on it all?

Thanks in advance for your feedback.