My friend who bought 310 R last winter and loved it also bought 310 GS this winter in addition to the 310 R. I have been working on him to join MOA with no success yet. He was having so much fun with both 310s that he sold his full dress Harley and his very reliable Burgman scooter and was about to keep only the BMWs.

Then the new 310 GS at just over 2000mi last week failed its alternator stator - oops back ordered till maybe sometime in January - unacceptable down time so he made a deal for a new Yamaha and will sell 310 GS if and when dealer ever gets the part. The 310 R is still ok at over 6000 mi.

I read on this forum and other places that BMW does not have parts for these bikes in the US.

In my opinion the bike is not ready yet for market and should be avoided.

Unfortunately I bought a 310 R last month now about 800mi. This is the first BMW since the /2 bikes that will fit my 24in inseam without serious modification butchery. I am afraid of what to expect.

I remember all too well the early to mid 1980's Yamaha Venture and Honda Goldwings that came too early to market with failing alternators and no replacement parts which spoiled a full season of touring for many of my AMA friends. I would have thought BMW would have known better by 2018 than to put unreliable junk on the market.

The 310 R is a joy to ride otherwise - only complaint I have is too small gas tank (not enough range) and not enough clearance inside filler assembly to allow use of some of the higher pressure gas pumps without splashback.

ps My 1980 R65 with close to 100,000 mi and no failures ever requiring a tow and no dealer service for about 35 yr took me home from the 310 GS failure site to get my truck to rescue this guy and haul him home after AAA failed to come as promised. The old airhead with a low battery could have been push started with no lights and driven probably 100 miles to a safer place. The modern bike was simply SOL when the battery went just lower than its electronics demanded. I will have a hard time after this expenience ever trusting my new 310 R to do anything important too far from my truck.